A tree removal project in Lakeland, FL

About Our Tree Removal Services in Lakeland, FL

If you have a tree in need of removal, call the experts at The Tree Lady Company of Winter Haven, FL. As Certified Arborists, preservation is always our goal. You can trust that a removal recommendation is only given when it is in the best interest of the property owner. When tree removal is necessary our skilled tree crews can safely remove trees of all sizes. We use trained and highly skilled climbers, compact saws and equipment to remove trees from small places. If necessary, we can also provide crane service when a tree is in heavy decline.

Stump Grinding

In certain events a tree removal may require the use of a crane, city permit or assistance from the power company. The TREE LADY Company will make all necessary arrangements on your behalf to keep this process easy for you.
Stump extractor - Tree Removal in Lakeland, FL
Have The TREE LADY Company out to inspect your property before tragedy strikes. An Arborist has the skills needed to identify high risk trees before they come down. We will help you to catch those risks before damage can be done in high wind events.