Tree Pruning in Lakeland, FL

Many people do not understand the importance of proper pruning to extend the life of your tree. The Tree Lady Company of Winter Haven, FL is here to help you make the right choices when it comes to pruning your trees.

Pruning shears - Pruning in Lakeland, FL

Proper Pruning Practices

When tree health, stability and longevity are the goals, proper tree care is the method. Poor tree care is damaging to trees, threatens their stability, increases the potential for failure, increases maintenance needs and can significantly shorten the life expectancy of the tree. Improperly pruned or neglected trees take a lot of work to correct (if correction is even possible). With proper tree maintenance, we can resolve tree issues before they arise. We follow ANSI A300 pruning standards and will teach you what to and not to do to extend the life of your trees. Be sure the person you hire to care for your trees knows how to protect you and not just how to operate a chainsaw.
Trimming hedge row - Shrub in Lakeland, FL

Shrub Care

Proper pruning of shrubs is essential to ensure a healthy stand of shrubs. While shearing is likely what most think of when envisioning shrub pruning. For most varieties of shrubs, this practice can be detrimental to the health of the shrub. Shearing can cause wounds to branches leaving then susceptible to disease and desiccation. Shearing can inhibit flower and fruit production and cause a thinning of the canopy leaving the canopy overcrowded with dead and dying stems. Using hand pruners and loppers to make the cuts maximizes the healthy response and creates a naturalized look for the shrub.


Ensure that your tree gets the proper pruning care

Improper pruning can shorten your tree's life, so call us to make sure the job gets done right. We are fully licensed and insured, and follow ANSI pruning standards.
Don't be sold on over thinning or over raising your trees, often described as 'Hurricane or Storm Proofing'. This type of pruning will not protect your tree from high winds. Improper pruning damages trees, weakens their structure and shortens their life. Obtain qualified information about your trees from a Certified Arborist before making tree care decisions.