Tree Preservation in Lakeland, FL

Tree Support - Bracing in Lakeland, FL

Dynamic Tree Bracing

We use Cobra Tree Bracing kits. The cables provide support while the tree responds to our proper pruning practices. Cabling may extend the safe life of questionable trees. Give us a call today to have one of our Certified Arborist’s out to determine eligibility for cabling.
Lightning Stuck in a Tree - Protection in Lakeland, FL

Lightning Protection

Lightning protection can be installed to protect your most valued specimen trees, a process that improves the trees ability to withstand direct lightning strikes. We can protect these important trees from one of the most devastating natural events that can affect a trees health. The cost of lightning protection is small compared to the value of healthy mature trees. Additionally, the cost to remove a tree struck by lightning may far exceed the cost of installation.
Tree and stone wall - Root Excavation in Lakeland, FL

Root Excavation

Our root excavation services are meant to extend the life of your tree and correct minor issues within the surrounding infrastructure. The condition of a tree's roots affects the life of the tree, so we can assist in limiting root damage during excavation projects.
Gardener Garden Works - Lawn Care in Lakeland, FL

Plant Health Care

Our PHC programs include monthly, bi-monthly or annual visits for preventative maintenance and treatments. We put our emphasis on working closely with you to promote a vigorous, healthy and safe landscape.

Get service to your trees from highly trained professional service

We provide extensive training for our employees. We strive to offer the best our industry has to offer. In addition to our professional in-house training programs, we participate in the International Society of Arboriculture, University of Florida and the USDA Forest Service training programs offered for Certified Arborists, Certified Climbers and Tree Workers. We are committed to providing our customers with proper tree care carried out by knowledgeable and safe practitioners. Our goal is to protect and preserve our urban forest by offering sound, affordable tree care.