We Provide Tree Services in Lakeland, FL

Tree care is important if you own a lawn or a garden area that you want preserved and looking beautiful. The Tree Lady Company offers experienced and professional arbor care that takes care of all tree service needs in Lakeland and the surrounding areas. We provide comprehensive tree care services that include:
Tree pruning
Tree preservation
Tree removal
Tree trimming
The Tree Lady Company has a staff that is concerned with a lot more than just pruning. We want to ensure that all of your tree care needs are adequately met and provided for. We are certified and our skills will extend for the life of your tree maintaining its health while enhancing its natural beauty. Our maintenance and preservation services that we have provided for more than 20 years will help your tree grow stronger and healthier over time.

Expert Analysis

We are operated by tree care professionals Kimberly Paulson and Bruce W. Paulson. The Tree Lady Company has been taking care of trees for over 20 years and will perform expert analyses while giving you recommendations for improving the health and care of your trees. We perform root excavations to clear away all defects and many different basic but necessary tree maintenance procedures.
Trees preservation - Tree care services in Lakeland, FL
The removal process involves stump grinding to avoid unsightly stumps left after the tree has been cut down. We also ensure your property will be secured and all debris will be removed at the end of each job. You can contact us with any questions and we will give you as much information as you need. In Lakeland and the surrounding areas you can call 863 293 5867 for dependable tree service.